October 30, 2018 | Taipei, Taiwan

Wheeler Bike’s i-Chaser LTD earns the prestigious Taipei Cycle D&I Gold Award in the highly contested category of E-Bike/Pedelec. The award was one of only eight presented to products from Taiwan, China, and Singapore. Wheeler Bikes was recognized for the i-Chaser LTD’s well sorted, efficient, and compact design. The judges particularly appreciated the omission of superfluous elements resulting in an e-bike that focuses on performance and purpose. Here are the jury’s remarks:

“The i-Chaser LTD Electric Bicycle is the product of R&D efforts focused on electric mountain bike development, which is still something of a niche product category. The structural design is quite elegant, and the overall physical appearance of the bicycle is neat and restrained. In terms of quality, the i-Chaser embodies a high level of attention to detail; it also provides a superb riding experience. The relatively complex arrangement of components represents a step forward for the industry as a whole.”

i-Chaser offers an alternative to traditional bicycles by incorporating a powerful and efficient Yamaha electric powertrain. Additionally, unlike many e-bicycles currently on the market, the i-Chaser is powered by a proven and reliable electric motor and a battery from reputable motor and engine company, Yamaha. The i-Chaser features premium-spec transmission with shifting handled by the robust Deore XT system from Shimano. The space-grade alloy frame, 4-bar linkage suspension, long 160mm travel and compatibility with 27.5″ and 29″ wheels mean the i-Chaser is as versatile as it is capable.