Wheeler Industrial Co., Ltd (永輪工業股份有限公司, Yong Lun Gong Ye Gu Fen You Xian Gong Si) is one of the oldest Taiwanese bicycle manufacturers. All Wheeler bicycles are assembled in our Taichung, Taiwan factory to this day to ensure the utmost quality and workmanship.

Wheeler operates in two locations in Taichung for manufacturing and also operates a distribution center located in Warsaw, Poland. Additionally, to strengthen the company’s footprint in Europe, WL Wheeler Bikes Europe GmbH was founded in Germany in 2019.

Wheeler Industrial. was founded by C.H. Yang in 1972, one of the early pioneers of the Taiwanese bicycle industry. It was quickly apparent that Taiwan was the ideal base for successful bicycle production due to their manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality. Further, the Wheeler brand was founded as the product of more than a decade of experience in assembling bicycles. From the mid-1980s to the early 2000s, Wheeler Industrial grew to be one of the largest bicycle companies in Taiwan with agencies and sales globally. The brand was known for its affordable prices and excellent product quality, but also for its unconventional marketing strategies which showcased the adventures of its illustrious team, ambassadors and representatives.

Wheeler Polska was founded in 1996 to serve as a hub for business on the European continent making Wheeler one of the first bicycle companies to venture into Eastern Europe. After many years of operating in Poland, WL Wheeler Bikes Europe GmbH was founded in 2019 by Sean Yang, a U.S. educated engineer and heir to Wheeler Industrial.


WL Wheeler Europe GmbH Founded

Led by the grandson of Wheeler founder CH Yang, Sean Yang founded WL Wheeler Europe GmbH to develop a bicycle line for the European market.


Taipei Cycle D&I Gold by iF Accolades

Wheeler i-Riser LTD received 2018 Taipei Cycle d&I GOLD awards by iF.


Yamaha Equipped E-Bikes Developed

Added a new line of Wheeler e-bikes equipped with Yamaha e-Bike kits


Swiss Cycling Accolades

Wheeler iXs Pro Team won Swiss Cycling Award.



S.S.P (Super Single Pivot) system first released and started mass production.


First E-Bikes Developed

Wheeler developed its first e-bike line equipped with Canadian BionX e-Bike kits.

Wheeler Factory Team UCI XC World Cup Victory

Wheeler PRO TEAM won UCI XC world cup.


Intercycle Collaboration

Started bicycle engineering collaboration with Intercycle ag (owned by Hostettler Group) to develop a new range of top-end Wheeler line specially suited to the Swiss market. In the same year, WHEELER registered it’s trademark in Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Denmark, and Norway.


Brand Established

Privately-owned brand ‘Wheeler’ was founded and represented by AGUSTA group and became a successful hit in Europe.


Wheeler Industrial Co., Ltd Founded

Founded by Chi Hsin-Yang, Wheeler Industrial Co., Ltd started with manufacturing city bikes for OEM customers.