Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Basel~~ WHEELER Pro Team Strong team performance

Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Basel~~ WHEELER Pro Team Strong team performance


From the 19th to the 20th century, August, another race of the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup series took place in Basel. At the same junior, this was rated as UCI Junior Series.                                                                                                                        


At 9:30 am, our junior Luca Schätti set off. In a starting field of almost 90 starts, Luca entered the race with the number 34. Rather started behave behave, Luca drove to the first big round in the foremost part of the field after 1.5 laps. He crossed the finish line for the first time in the 13th, and then managed to make steady progress in every round. In a final pace with a German driver with Fotofinish, Luca went on the very good 7th place.

At 12.00 then the start of our U23 rider Ramona Kupferschmied, who had to start with the elite. With start number 29 in the rearmost part of the field started, she drove 23 as the first time over the finish line. In the 3 big round of 6, then a slight slump, but she did well in the next rounds. Nevertheless she lost the connection around the place 20 and had to let a few more female drivers pull. With very constant lap times, Ramona ended the race as the best 4 rd 23 rider in the 23rd place.

At 14.05 then the start of our U23 rider Joris Ryf. With a participant field of over 60 riders, Joris could start with starting number 7 from the first row. Well-started, he left the track as roughly 12s and went to the first big round. There were 8 big laps to cope with. As the 13th at the first goal, Joris could then continuously increase and fight ever further forward. As he climbed the forest he fell back and could not close the gap. However, Joris reached a very good sixth place in a key podium.

Next weekend, the WHEELER Pro team will be riding with Joris Ryf and Ramona Kupferschmied to the World Cup Final in Val di Sole (I). We keep our fingers crossed.