The youngest of the WHEELER pro team rocked the World Cup circuit in Albstadt

The youngest of the WHEELER pro team rocked the World Cup circuit in Albstadt

2017/05/27-28, last weekend the second round of the UCI World Cup took place in German Albstadt. Albstadt will also be World Cup venue 2020. The complete team with Manuel Fasnacht, Joris Ryf, Ramona Kupferschmied and Luca Schätti were at the start. Luca Schätti was able to start the junior event and made the first acquaintance with the circuit. Due to his work situation, he could not arrive until the morning of the race day to see the route. How would he handle this?

Luca started on Saturday at 12:15 pm with number 44 from the fourth row. Luca, known as a quick starter, was already in the top 5 after the finish line and after turning into the meadow in front of the Tech / Feed zone. With the fastest first round he set a benchmark for the competition. With regular lap times he fought always between place 3 and 6. In the end, despite a somewhat unfavorable race preparation, it reached the excellent place 7 (78 reported). This gave valuable UCI points again to improve the start position in the next race. Great fought Luca!

At 14:00, the start of our U23 drivers. With the number 22, Manuel entered the race. After the start, he lost a lot of places and came back after the start of the round as 84. What happened? Unfortunately, Manuel came straight into the first climb in the traffic jam. It was waiting. He drove a good second round before he fell back again and gave up in the 4th round unnerved. Actually no Manuels Art, there are days missing in the puzzle the decisive part and then nothing goes. Good recreation Manuel!

Also with Manuel kicked Joris with the starting number 48. Joris had a Bombenstart. He is known for it. On the meadow in front of the tech / feed zone, he already appeared in the top 30. After the first full lap, he was even in position 29. With his goal top 30 in front of his eyes, a small break came in the second big round. He probably paid a little tribute for the quick start. However, he recovered quickly and so it was a great 32nd place. This was of equal importance with the 5th Swiss placement.

On Sunday at 09:00, the start of our U23 rider Ramona had to stand in the last row because of the still few UCI points with start number 58. Manuel gave her the tip to make a "Sagan start", just a little distance from the rearmost row and then pedal off at the start bang. After consultation with the UCI, Ramona took this step forward. As soon as the starting shot came, she drove from behind with speed in the field and overtook two starting rows. After the first round, Ramona was already the 36th. Unfortunately, she was slowed by a little traffic jam. As a result, Ramona was able to speed up and came to a better place every turn. With very fast lap times in the top 15, she finally won the 25th place as the fourth best Swiss. This also means the first UCI points in the second World Cup race.

The WHEELER Pro Team will be back in full force in two weeks, on the occasion of the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Gränichen (AG).