Results of WHEELER Pro Team at the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Solothurn

Results of WHEELER Pro Team at the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Solothurn

2017/05/06 on Saturday, the third round of the Proffix Swiss Cup Bike took place at the Bike Days in Solothurn. Even in dry weather the juniors opened the race. With our team driver Luca Schätti starting from the front row, Luca could keep up the front line throughout the race. Constantly he drove the whole race in fourth place and could finish the race in third place in a sprint at the end. What a remarkable achievement, we congratulate him.


At 13:30, the start of our U23 rider Ramona Kupferschmied in the field of elite women.

In the meantime, the rain started and the race seemed to be a mud slaughter.

Starting from the rear row, Ramona overtook some riders in the first ascent from the Schanzengraben in front of her and could already do about ten ranks well. Ramona then drove constantly and could finish the race on the 15th place. As a U23 rider, she took 4th place. Not to be forgotten is that the roads were always wetter and the lands became slippery.


At 16:05, the start of our U23 riders Manuel Fasnacht and Joris Ryf. The rain was getting more and more intensive and the drive more and more difficult to drive. It also got colder.

Both riders started from the front and came out well. In the second round, Joris falling-off at first stage in the downhill, but our team mechanic Jennifer Kupferschmied could be quickly repaired. Joris fought his way back to third place, when another record in the fourth round stopped him. Fiercely like Joris, he didn’t give up and went on the pursuit. With a very good sixth place and the fastest final laps, Joris finished the race.

Manuel who was also in the front section caught a flat foot in the fourth round at time with Joris Hectic in the Techzone. Thanks to the help of the mechanic team Solothurn (thanks a lot for this!) This "crisis" could also be managed swiftly. As a result, Manuel suffered more and more under the cold, and when he drove through the Techzone in the 5th round, we had to take him out of the race with chills.


This race demanded the drivers everything especially because of the nasty weather conditions. Great respect on our side, The WHEELER Pro team will continue on the first World Cup run in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic) in fourteen days. We are excited!!