Successful season start of the WHEELER Pro Team with the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Mt. Tamaro River

Successful season start of the WHEELER Pro Team with the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Mt. Tamaro River

Yesterday, the season opening for the WHEELER Pro Team took place in the Sonnenstube in Switzerland. Under the new team management of Cony Kupferschmied and the two new drivers Manuel Fasnacht (U23) and Luca Schätti (U19), the results were very interesting. In the first place, such a solid team performance was not to be expected despite so much driver potential. 

Already on Thursday resp. On Friday, the team members and the support were optimally prepared for the important race. It was felt that the last days in the training camp in Tuscany with our sponsor Tenuta il Ciccolina, the team was enormously well received. Everyone was in a good mood and optimistic about the race.

The day of the race opened our U19 newcomer Luca Schätti at 9 o'clock. He could rank in the front row thanks to his already secured UCI points and came away well. The first ascent he went on rapidly and then had to pay a little tribute. Luca was able to finish the high pace but thanks to his fighting spirit, no significant errors and thanks to the flawless material on the 7th rank. With this rank, he could get additional important UCI points.

At 10.45 clock our U23 Cracks were the turn. Manuel and Joris were able to rank both in the front row, thanks to their UCI ranking. What a nice picture!

Joris started like the fire department and could be measured as the seventh after the first round. Manuel managed the start less well. However, he was able to do a lot of work well after the first lap on the third place. Then the two drove a controlled, combative and intelligent race. Manuel, after a small break in the 3rd round, finally reached the finish as a great fourth. Joris made a quick 4th round and then did not break. On the contrary, with the sixth-best last round, he secured his sixth place.

Finally, at 12:30 pm Ramona was the turn. After 3.5 months on crutches was a considerable training residue to go out. Ramona had to start with the elite women because of his own U23 category. And there was no less than the Olympicsieger Jenny Rissveds at the start. However, Ramona was hardly impressed. At the start came Ramona with starting number 17 started badly away. She was pinched in the middle and had to watch as a driver rushed past her. But then, luckily, the downhill came and she could do some good. Already towards the middle of the first round she was ranked 15th. After a hard fight with the foreign competition, she finished the first round in the 12th place. In this position, she was able to assert herself thanks to a dedicated commitment and impeccable material. The spectators' breathing stopped for a moment, just before the target collapsed completely. Thanks to her big advantage, she was able to save herself to the finish line without a loss of space. This also means the first important UCI points.

A great team record with a 4th, 6th, 7th, and 12th place. We are looking forward to the next race of the WHEELER Pro Team in Haiming (AUT) in 14 days. This again within the framework of the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup.