Year after year, the riders of the WHEELER team succeed in attracting top results. These include wins at national and international racing series, but also podium places at Swiss, European and World Championships. The race bikes FALCON LTD (Fully), EAGLE LTD (Hardtail), the Quervelo EAGLE CX or the electric bike E-EAGLE (hardtail) are used as competition equipment, depending on the route and application. Just as important as the good results are the findings of the team drivers during test journeys with new developments and prototypes. Your test and experience reports help the WHEELER product managers and engineers to produce the perfect bike.

Hopeful newcomers and experienced professionals: This is the mixture to which WHEELER looks in the composition of the teams. Equipped with top-of-the-range products, we offer the riders the certainty they need to achieve top performance.



Racing is the hardest development laboratory to develop new products that meet the highest demands. WHEELER knows this. The brand looks back on more than 25 years of commitment to mountain bike racing and impressive success. The current WHEELER Pro Team is a Swiss mountain bike racing team dedicated mainly to the Olympic discipline Cross Country (XCO). The focus of the team is clearly on the race of the Swiss Bike Cup and the national championships.

But also in the Crosscountry Worldcup the athletes of the team are at the start.In the medium term, the WHEELER Pro Team wants to bring as many athletes as possible to the start at the Mountain Bike World Championships at Lenzerheide in 2018. Just as important as the results in the races are the feedback from the teams to the product managers and engineers. There is no compromise in racing. What also proves to be a success here also convinces hobby athletes on their tours.


The WHEELER Team 2017 is composed as follows:

Manuel Fasnacht

At the age of 7 he started his first mountain bike race. Manuel has been able to prove on a national and international level several times which class is in him.

Joris Ryf

The ambitious Seelander, Joris Ryf, can be described as young and lively. At the national level, he is one of the top five drivers in his category and has already proved this several times.

Ramona Laura Copper fir

Ramona, the ambitious newcomer of the WHEELER Pro Team, has still big plans. 2017 is the first year in category U23 for the Berner Oberländerin.

Luca Schätti

With Luca Schätti, the WHEELER Pro Team has a reigning vice-champion in U19 (Juniors). For Luca, 2017 is the first year in an official UCI team.

Peter Stefan

He is the only Enduro athlete of the brand WHEELER and several times winner of the bike attack on the Lenzerheide. Stefan is also of central importance for the product development of WHEELER as a test person.