Eiger Bike Challenge Esther Süss wins the WHEELR PRO Team

Eiger Bike Challenge Esther Süss wins the WHEELR PRO Team

She can still do it: Esther Süss wins at the Eiger Bike Challenge in Grindelwald.

Read the exciting race report of the 4-time winner here:

After the Ischgl Ironbike last weekend I started today at Eigerbike in Grindelwald.
The weather showed itself from its most beautiful side and already at the start at 7 o'clock you could be short - short - without freezing.
Before the start came a bit of a hurry, because my brakes were straightened and Erich had to straighten them, but finally enough time to start, without a real "warm up" ;-)
The atmosphere was relaxed and point 7.00 clock went off! To warm up, we tackled the Grosse Scheidegg. I found a good rhythm and got on well with some tired legs. I was able to take the lead at the start of the race (which was great for the head!) But Hug remained obstinate at the rear wheel, she drove incredibly strong!Kleinhans, we could keep a little distance, but it was only the
beginning ... Since Hug had looked at the track, I let her advance from the Fist down the technical section, so I did not have to look for the line myself, but could You follow So we came down without any further problems and went on a steep descent over "the board" (here they had even inserted a small loop, so we could release the brakes times ;-) direction field.
Shortly after "the board" Hug had a small breakdown, she had to stop short! I continued to take some "gas" out and hoped she could unlock again! But she could not do it, so I drove alone from then on! "The field" was then the next hard chunk, which had to be conquered! I do not really like this climb, but it was amazing! At the top I looked for the way down over the alpine pasture! Once I got a bit off the road, but we noticed our faux pas quickly and just got the "curve"! ;-)
Next up was the climb up to the "board" in front of me! This climb is on asphalt but it is just incredibly steep! But thanks to the spectators, who made great moods with bells and bells, I also coped with this climb! Another section was done !! With a few detours we went back to Grindelwaldgrund, here in the valley below we could turn right from the 55km section up to the village and to the finish, while we had to turn up from the 88km section up to Kleine Scheidegg.
This climb was better for me and I was able to ride a good rhythm, but I was quite alone, because you have to be careful not to "puke", especially since I had no idea how big my lead to the second woman Was.
Meanwhile, it was already quite hot, I drove and drove, my Bidon was already quite empty and I wondered slowly where Erich would stand ... I was already quite proud of how far he had climbed up! WOW !! Since finally I had one last sip in the Bidon, when I heard HOPP call !! On Alpiglen I fed him one last time .... from then on it became steeper and it definitely pulled at the reserves! Then finally the part, where the bike had to be shouldered - just high above a pasture. On top it was still about one kilometer to the small Scheidegg !! Luckily, there was another foodstuff (THANKS to all the helpers, who stayed all day long and even the last still a Sponserbidon or gel had stayed!) Again a strengthening for the last about 15km to the finish !! Because on the Kleine Scheidegg are not yet all the height meters, on the descent down to Grindelwald, there were two opposite slopes, and these did again really WEH !!
The brakes quiced and you could smell them too, because you were practically always on the brake, so steep the slopes! Then finally arrived in Grindelwald Grund, it was still about 3km to the goal and you had to earn, because the last few hundred meters went again up from Grindelwald Grund to the village!
Then finally the RESOLUTION !! I HAD TAKEN IT! For the 4th time I could win the Eigerbike !! But what's even more important, I CAN DO IT !! SUCCESS !! It was incredibly good !!
 Many thanks to all the staff from the BiXS team and, of course, Erich !!
Thank you also the OK of the Eigerbike Challenge, you once more SUPERWORK done! I am already looking forward to the jubilee performance next year!

Rankings WHEELER Pro Team at the Eiger Bike Challenge 2017:
1. Esther Süss
10. Fabian Paumann

Martin Gujan remained overseas for a week longer after his World Cup in Mont Sainte Anne and completed the HC race from Windham. At hot temperatures, he finished the 2-hour race as thirteen.

WHEELER and intercycle congratulate Esther on this outstanding victory as well as Fabian and Martin on these convincing results.