Themostsuccessful season of the WHEELER Pro team comes to an end

Themostsuccessful season of the WHEELER Pro team comes to an end

Last weekend, the WHEELER Pro team picked up their national team at the last Swiss Bike Cup in Muttenz, Basel, after the Olympiapause and the overseas campaign by Martin Gujan. At the same time, it was the national season. One could be curious what results the WHEELER Pro athletes and the team had achieved in the overall evaluation. The team was completely at the start.

On Sunday morning at 12.00 hours Ester Süss started her race. Five minutes behind our Junior Ramona Kupferschmied. Esther came well off at the start and lined up in a group of persecutors to the top. With the sixth round 2nd round, Esther drove to the 10th place in the international squad. In the fourth round, Esther unfortunately crashed and could not make the right turn. This meant hold in the Techzone. With great two rounds in the series, Esther still reached the conciliatory 15th place in her last national XC race. We say "Goodbye! We will miss you in our ranks ".

After her horror crash on the Lenzerheide and her liver rupture, Ramona had received the OK of the doctors only on Wednesday, a good week before the race. The starting position was so delicate, because Ramona in the overall evaluation in the lead, this could have won with a good race still. And she won! The WHEELER Pro athlete was allowed to be a colonel after difficult times and she seemed to enjoy this visibly. In the race, she had a long view of 4th place until a creeping flatfoot shot her back. On the 9th, however, she still collected enough points to enter the history as the winner of the Swiss Bike Cup 2016, category juniors.

And how did our elite riders, Martin Gujan and Fabian Paumann, join us ? Now Martin Gujan was in the last overseas with a somewhat solid balance sheet, fully motivated to the last national race of the season 2016. Faststarter "Guschi" went in the first lap the speed of the fastest as so often with and at the first passage stood there 5! That was a top 10 placement hope. He then missed something for the high starting point and finally finished on rank 13. Fabian Paumann came out quite well and said in the goal that the first laps ran quite ok, but then prevented chain problems from coming forward. The 33rd place was certainly not what could be expected.

Joris Ryf started five minutes behind the men. The start was not successful. He said he had cooled down too much in the heat with the cooling jacket. "I had chills in the first two ascents." This is at an air temperature of 34 ° C! With the four last rounds always in the top ten succeeded but then the jump to the front. Finally the great 9th rank looked out.

Now then around 16.00 clock were all strained to the total rank announcement. Did Ramona, Joris and the team also have chances on the podium? With Ramona's victory, Joris 2nd place and 3rd place for the WHEELER Pro team, one of the most successful seasons for WHEELER came to an end.

We are not yet at the end of the season. Next weekend, the World Cup in Andorra will once again have a positive impact. For Ramona Kupferschmied, the season is over, because in Andorra the category U19 can not start. Ramona will prepare for her leg extension operation on September 8th. We keep our fingers crossed that everything is going well and that she can sit back on the bike soon.