XCO World Cup in Andorra

XCO World Cup in Andorra

Last weekend, after the national season finale in Muttenz, the World Cup took place. The races took place in Vallnord, Andorra at an unusual altitude of approx. 1,900 meters above sea level. The team was at the start (no UCI junior series) without Ramona Kupferschmied.

On Sunday morning at 09.00 clock our Jöris Ryf start-up with starting number 58. The weather showed itself on the best side. The signs were good. Joris liked the circuit very much and he set a top-40 gear to the finish. After a good start, the first climb had already begun. Joris was also affected, but could go on immediately.With regular lap times he was always in the top fifty. Thanks to a ride without fall and defect, it finally reached the conciliatory 45th rank.

After that, Ester Süss started her last international X-Country race at 11:20. Esther came well on the start, but unfortunately fell on the first climb over the rider.That hurt! In the meantime Esther had a great time with 15-best time before another fall in the last round then no more top place. She lost a lot of time when she had to free the bike from the barrier. It would have given her a better degree than the 23rd place. Meanwhile, however, she kept flashing her class.

And how did our elite riders Martin "Guschi" Gujan and Fabian Paumann beat us? It was started at 14:20. Now, while Fabian got off to a good start, Martin was found unfamiliar far behind. It should definitely not be day. Fabian made regular good laps. His face was marked by struggle. It was worth it for him. Finally a race in which he really "got on the road" and had no incidents. A good ride was rewarded with 14 UCI points as 54th of about 100. Martin, still braked briefly by a plate, came as a disappointing 55igster in the goal.

Now the season is not over yet. Esther, Martin and Fabian will still compete at Swiss Epic, while Joris is behind the preparation of his cross-country.