Esther Süss wins the Iron Bike Race for the sixth time

Esther Süss wins the Iron Bike Race for the sixth time

As the only athlete of the WHEELER Pro team, Esther only started 1 week after the hardships of the Perskindol Swiss Epic in Einsiedeln and triumphed for the sixth time already.

She tells Martin Platter: "I did not have very fresh legs after the Swiss Epic in the previous week. In addition, Cornelia Hug drove very strongly, which sometimes stressed me a bit. In the slope to the Sattelegg I could dissociate them, but then did not get a fast group in the Euthal. Whereupon she drew nearer again. To Unteriberg, however, I was able to make things clear. " 

Here the race report from Esther:

The weather showed itself at its best when I started at 8.20 clock in the race of the 20th Ironbike Einsiedeln.
Also it was a special day today, since my Dädi today with 68 years his first MTB race drove. He was already 20 minutes ahead of me and wanted to take the 53km under the wheels today! I hoped he would have fun.
As usual, it was more or less fast, on the main road along the Shil Lake, before we turned to the left and after some up and downs went into the first not so long climb up to the Etzel.
Already at the start I thought that Hug would be my strongest opponent and after the strong Swiss Epic I trusted her everything !! Actually, I wanted to try to keep up the pace at the beginning and hope that she would have to leave at some point. Unfortunately, this has not yet been planned. Somehow my stomach played a bit crazy and I did not feel really great !! She bite her tightly on my bike ;-) In the meantime, I even let her take the lead and I had to look that she did not take me too far away. But I did not let myself get out of the way and tried to concentrate on my race.
So we went more or less together (or against each other?) To Wilerzell and then up into the Sattelegg! On top of that, I had to drive a 32-drive (until now I've always been driving with the 30's), but it still does Crucial flat and fast passages. So I was a bit uncertain how I would go with the steep passages. And so a passage was now in front of me: -o up to the bus! But exactly in this part I could get rid of Hug and go a good lead. I could even drive the whole climb, wow !! Then down towards Eutal we had to drive over these logs, which were a challenge each year, they were just always slippery and wet. But today I managed very well and I was able to stand without it once, master the entire passage. Then we went up to Weisstannen and then down to Studen.
Now came the plane, as it would be good to be able to drive in a group, we were only three and so it was not really so fast forward. On these 10km we also lost quite a bit of time and when I went up the ascent to Oberiberg, Hug was almost open again. I tried to screw up my pace in the ascent, but my stomach was still not better, I could not take any gels, I just could not do it today. So drink well! I was a little irritated when I went through Oberiberg and there was no one! Normally, Erich is always there! So go on! Again and again I hoped to get a Bidon, because my leaned slowly to the end! A look down showed me that I had managed to enlarge the gap between myself and Hug again. Also my two companions from the surface could not follow my pace. Also I could unlock drivers in front of me, so my pace was quite good! Then finally in the Adlerhorst, after a short transport passage stood Thierry and I got my Bidon !! Now it was a bit flatter to the Fuederegg !! These passages I do not like, I always feel that I'm not fast and it costs me a lot of power !! From there it was then another 4km up to the Spierstock (mountain price), this was my next stop, because the way to the finish was still far!
Mountain price reached and won !!! Now came my fear departure, because here I had so often plates! I did not want to risk that at all, but I did not want to go too slowly and hesitant, because Hug would surely risk a lot!
But today it was very downhill and I was able to catch drivers again. Also the distance to the Holzegg today seemed much shorter, the constant up and down went great! Then descend down to Brunni! The top part I drove, but then comes such a blocked part, I've still run, although I am pretty sure that he would be mobile, but with the hardtail and after 80km I just would not risk anything! The last part was then reusable. In the meantime I had two companions ;-)
Together we went up the ascent up to Bogenfang, which stretches so much, although it is "only" 4km, then comes another rough ride, but I succeeded well And downstairs, I was all alone !! I looked back, but could not see anyone! So I went on my own, the next four kilometers were flat and I would have liked a "locomotive" that would pull me across the plane. But far and wide nothing! So I had no choice but to go alone. Again and again a look over my shoulders, but "help" was not in sight. In this area I tried to drive fast, but always so that I hope would still have enough power for the last climb !! Then finally I could turn right and go up the ascent to the bottom.
This climb was really pure headache and I knew from the years before that if I thought I was up, I'm not up yet, and with that knowledge, I also mastered the last climb without being recouped from the back. Then finally the last 5km to finish, most of it was now down! Then again a little flat to back to Einsiedeln and then I could as a winner over the monastery square and the applause of countless spectators! That was cool and done well !!
So I finished my season with a victory, which is nicer!