Carbon - light and stable, the material of the future. In individual steps, bicycle frames are nowadays manufactured in the so-called monocoque construction. In this production variant, individual carbon mats are placed in a frame mold and impregnated with resin. Subsequently, the whole is heated and pressurized until the raw form of the frame has hardened. This is followed by the fine grinding, in which the frame is smoothed and residues are removed. Finally, the finished frame is dyed or glued as required.

In recent years there has been much discussion about the right wheel size for mountain bikes. WHEELER is designed for fitness-oriented models for longer distances to 29 inches and for fun-oriented applications to 27.5 inches.27.5 inch: The best of both worlds.Twentyniners are not always the best choice: If you prefer agile bikes and ride actively, a model with 27.5 inch-wheels might be a better choice. The same goes for riders who want more travel. It’s easier to design suspension kinematics that offer more than 140mm of travel around smaller wheels. At the same weight these smaller wheels are also stiffer than their twentyniner counterparts – and wheels with the same stiffness are lighter. For these reasons Wheeler has decided to put its long-travel «Hornet» models on 27.5 inch-wheels. Another issue with twentyniners is that the handlebar is positioned too high to find a proper riding position for shorter women and juveniles. This is why Wheeler has opted for 27.5 inch-wheels on its «Passera» and «Protron» models.

On a broad foot in the rough terrain.The larger the outer diameter of an impeller, the easier it rolls over obstacles, without being caught by the impeller and losing momentum. This is because the angle of impact on the obstacle becomes flatter as the wheel diameter increases. That is why Twentyniner racing bikes have crossed a broad front in crosscountry and marathon racing. In very rough terrain Twentyniner-Laufräder come however rather once to its limits. This is where the 27.5-Plus concept comes in: On 27.5-inch rims, up to 3-inch wide, voluminous tires offer an outer diameter virtually identical to that of a 29-inch wheel. This allows you to enjoy the same, faultless rollover behavior.The Plus concept, however, offers further advantages: Because the voluminous are filled with only just over a bar pressure, they offer much more traction on the terrain and also swallow some of the vibrations. Both make the advance on the ground noticeable. For less experienced people, this brings more safety and self-confidence, while skilled traders can completely re-explore their limits on Plusbikes. Compared to Fatbikes with over 4 inch wide tires, Plusbikes are also significantly lighter, which is reflected in better all-round characteristics and a wide range of applications. And thanks to the shorter spokes and the smaller diameter of the rims, the wheels are even stiffer and more stable.

Twentyniner have conquered crosscountry and marathon racing for a good reason. The large wheels are easier to roll over obstacles; they offer more traction thanks to the larger contact surface to the ground and thus facilitate the advance in the terrain decisively. In the meantime, suitable products for every application are also available for attachments such as rims and tires, so that Twentynines are no longer limited to endurance-oriented platforms with little spring travel. So WHEELER relies not only on the racing oriented Eagle and Falcon Race-, but also for the längerhubigen Falcon Trail and Brazilian models on 29-inch wheels. Behind the name TNT hiding the term Twenty Niner Technology, it brings the whole Know-how on geometry and kinematics for best performance in a bike. This technology guarantees optimized geometry, shorter chain struts, stiffness in the right place and thus ensures maximum driving pleasure.

LEV INTEGRA’S internally routed cable significantly cleans up the look of your bike. With shifter cables, brake lines and lock out cables clamped and zip tied to your carbon fiber piece of art, mountain bike frames have begun to look like an IT guy’s wet dream. Clear the clutter while benefitting from legendary LEV technology. Choose from 100, 125 or 150mm of smooth travel executed by an air sprung hydraulically locking sealed cartridge. A forged twin bolt micro adjust head keeps the saddle on tight while KS’s patented roller-clutch bearing and replaceable brass keys ensure thousands of miles of play-free travel. A KG ALLOY ODI LOCK-ONTM compatible remote connects at the post end to an all new cable interface making setup and service even easier. Increase thrills and decrease drag with LEV INTEGRA 


Boost is the latest and greatest axle platform which all performance mountain bike frame and fork manufacturers are adopting. Boost widens the rear axle by 6mm and the front axle by 10mm. A wider axle means that the spacing between your hub’s flanges can be increased. By increasing the width of the hub flanges you can improve the bracing angles of the spokes in the wheel build. Ultimately you can build a stronger, stiffer, and ultimately more efficient wheel.

In the past decade, three major trends have been observed in mountain biking: First, the wheels grew in diameter from 26 to 27.5 or 29 inches. Secondly, the tires broadened through the belt, and thirdly, shorter chain struts are required for agile handling. In the development of new frames, these trends are a real challenge because the space is particularly tight in the area of ​​the bottom bracket, where tires, chain struts, the main bearing of the rear body and chain rings all occupy their place.

Concretely, the rear wheel axle is again 148mm instead of 142mm wide. This gives 3mm more space on both sides of the rear body. In order for the chain line to continue, the chain blades also move outwards by 3 millimeters. The figures may seem small, but they make the work of the framework developers much easier. In addition to the stiffer frame design, the Boost standard allows the use of even wider tires, which provides more traction and more reserves in rough terrain. Moreover, the spokes of the impellers are less steep due to the larger flange spacing to the hubs, which makes the whole impeller stiffer and more robust. To ensure that this not only folds at the rear, the axle width also grows in the front from 100mm to 110mm.

Rediscover control. Rediscover efficiency. Discover Di2.Shimano's XTR M9050 Di2 shifting system brings the seamless control and instant response that only digital shifting can provide to the M9000 Rhythm Step drivetrain. This ushers in the digital age for mountain bikers, giving them control over their ride experience, no matter their discipline, like never before.

The trail to triumph is one big adventure. Take your rides to the next level with Shimano’s Deore XT Di2 groupset. Our mission is to combine the best of electronic gearing with proven components in a race-proven package. Gear up for even greater adventures with incredible fingertip control. Di2 is a technology you simply won’t need to worry about. Its on-demand gear selection, precision mechanics and programmable shifting means you can set it up once the way you like it and get on with the adventure. This is the way technology should be.