THE POWER OF MOVEMENT: For WHEELER this is way more than just a dashing slogan: It’s all about optimizing the riding experience and the joy of cycling. For more than 40 years WHEELER has been developing and producing unique bicycles that cover the need of performance sportsman, but also for daily and more fun-oriented riding. Our comprehensive line-up offers bicycles for all needs and preferences.

The results of this effort are impressive, with titles and medals at World championships, European championships and Swiss national championships alike and a strong presence on various markets. Since the WHEELER brand’s engineers and product managers can rely on years of expertise in performance sports, they continue to develop outstandingly modern bicycles. And bring them to the market, using cutting-edge materials and technologies. This shows in the new carbon frames of the Falcon series and the integration of Shimano’s electronic Di2 drivetrain.

By strictly relying on parts and components of reputed manufacturers, WHEELER makes sure that each rider gets the best bicycle possible. These high and consistent quality standards are being appreciated by WHEELER’s broad network of authorized specialist retailers just as much as by our team riders and ordinary customers. They all set great value upon our promise of quality.

Experience and feel the difference. We invite you to do so.